Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lecter_414 will be a big payoff if I ever see him again.

Too bad it wasn't today. Definitely on tilt after my final hand of the session today, leaving me $14 down instead of breaking even.

I feel like I minimalized most of my losses, as things were often not going my way especially by the time I reached the river, losing some nice pots to cards where I ended up checking/calling with too much value when I was pretty sure I was beat. Examples of such hands today include K K versus Lecter_the_Loose and another feeder at the table. The flop came 5 5 4, and I lead out with a 40% pot bet. Both call, no real flush shot on board. I don't put either on having the 5 based on the position they called in (I was UTG pre-flop). I also intend to call Lecter down as he often bets with only high card.

The turn comes another 5. I feel safe, but it adds a 2nd heart to the board. I increase to a half-pot bet, and both call. Again. Okay...

The river comes A of clubs. I have a hunch the non-Lecter player just beat me with an A-X hand. I check, feeder 1 bets less than half the pot, Lecter throws it in, and I call to see his A Q of hearts take me down.

I could have bet the pod probably on the turn but I have a feeling I was still going to get called, and it didn't matter. That's the way the cards fall sometimes. Unfortunately it happened a few times this session. I let my emotions get the best of my by the end of hour 1 and probably threw away 5-7 dollars I didn't need to, but I did the Saito slap on my face a few times and thought I knocked myself out of it.

The session ended on a bad note when Lecter pushes pre-flop against my A K UTG +1 3x raise. I call, believing he's got shit. I was correct, as he reveals K 8 offsuit.

Naturally he hits a straight. I snap and close all tables. $272 in account, $14 down this session instead of breaking even. On one hand, I know I made a lot of correct calls tonight and kept my shitty play to a minimum, except for around the end of hour 1. On the other hand, *#YIHSDKHBGJKEGUI#TY*OYR*&!^%&%$RBNCMNVB!!!

Vegas in a few days. I intend to start my real-life bankroll there, and intend to play live games more once I get back. The end of the session turned out pretty shitty, but I still felt like I got some good experience out of these games tonight, and I look forward to having more time to play after Vegas.

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