Monday, May 31, 2010

Not too shabby

Short 1 hour session today as I had (ie. made) time. Finished at $307. $10 of that was deposit bonus, meaning taht I earned $25. I ran pretty well, and think I got a little too cocky/lazy and blew $5 I didn't need to. Lots of aggro at the tables, but thankfully I was running pretty well with my cards, getting paid off by a call-bot who went all in with a mainly blank flop while I had pocket kings. At 4 of my 5 tables was a fairly tight player that I also feel I pushed out of a number of hands.

After looking at bonuses, I'm still at $247 of my original starting amount, meaning I still have a lot of playing to do in order to regain my lost ground.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lecter_414 will be a big payoff if I ever see him again.

Too bad it wasn't today. Definitely on tilt after my final hand of the session today, leaving me $14 down instead of breaking even.

I feel like I minimalized most of my losses, as things were often not going my way especially by the time I reached the river, losing some nice pots to cards where I ended up checking/calling with too much value when I was pretty sure I was beat. Examples of such hands today include K K versus Lecter_the_Loose and another feeder at the table. The flop came 5 5 4, and I lead out with a 40% pot bet. Both call, no real flush shot on board. I don't put either on having the 5 based on the position they called in (I was UTG pre-flop). I also intend to call Lecter down as he often bets with only high card.

The turn comes another 5. I feel safe, but it adds a 2nd heart to the board. I increase to a half-pot bet, and both call. Again. Okay...

The river comes A of clubs. I have a hunch the non-Lecter player just beat me with an A-X hand. I check, feeder 1 bets less than half the pot, Lecter throws it in, and I call to see his A Q of hearts take me down.

I could have bet the pod probably on the turn but I have a feeling I was still going to get called, and it didn't matter. That's the way the cards fall sometimes. Unfortunately it happened a few times this session. I let my emotions get the best of my by the end of hour 1 and probably threw away 5-7 dollars I didn't need to, but I did the Saito slap on my face a few times and thought I knocked myself out of it.

The session ended on a bad note when Lecter pushes pre-flop against my A K UTG +1 3x raise. I call, believing he's got shit. I was correct, as he reveals K 8 offsuit.

Naturally he hits a straight. I snap and close all tables. $272 in account, $14 down this session instead of breaking even. On one hand, I know I made a lot of correct calls tonight and kept my shitty play to a minimum, except for around the end of hour 1. On the other hand, *#YIHSDKHBGJKEGUI#TY*OYR*&!^%&%$RBNCMNVB!!!

Vegas in a few days. I intend to start my real-life bankroll there, and intend to play live games more once I get back. The end of the session turned out pretty shitty, but I still felt like I got some good experience out of these games tonight, and I look forward to having more time to play after Vegas.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silver VIP - A grind upwards

Just rounded out my session. Which allowed me to realize that my HEM demo has expired, and that PTR did not come close to tracking my table play today. Damn. Pretty sure I played close to 1000 hands, but I'll have to install my PT3 demo to know for sure.

My ending amount was 286, but this also includes my $10 stellar reward bonus. This means that I am up 42 through cash play today. $40 of that 286 is from my deposit bonus, and $10 is from stellar rewards. That means I am still down $74 from cash and tournament play. Not a good number, and I intend to work on that so it goes up.

Overall I felt like my play was a lot cleaner. It was suggested to me by Daniel Betancourt, a friend of mine from WoW TCG with a poker obsession and a cousin who makes quite a nice living through MTT play, to lower my aggression bets to 30%, as most players at my limit will fold to a c-bet of any size anyway. I couldn't quite get myself to do that, as I don't want people chasing and hitting against me, but I made it a habit of only betting at most half the pot. And, as he said, people still folded when they weren't comfortable at calling. I think I stole a number of hands this way, which helped in keeping my stacks secure.

My big swings today was a flopped straight when I called the button at $.25 with 7 9 suited. My first one, which started the day right, was with pocket aces. He called my 3-bet pre-flop which had me worried, especially when he led with a pot-sized bet on the flop. I thought he may have had jacks since one flopped, but I PTR'd him and his stats said he probably wouldn't have called a 3-bet with anything but a big hand. I figured I would just push him in at this point, as no real draw was out there and he could also have queens or kings (if he has the jacks, oh well. the other cards were little, and his stats showed that he wouldn't have called with these as he was overly tight). Turns out he had queens, and was promptly stacked after 2 blanks hit on the turn and river.

My worst played hand today, I felt, was heads-up with my pocket nines. The flop came 3 3 9, giving me the nuts right now (I don't put my opponent on 3s here). There was a flush possibility, and when he checks, I decide to give him a free card. I think that was correct here.

The turn came an Ace. No flush yet. He checks. I misplay here and check, when I should have bet half the pot. If he calls, cool. If he doesn't, I take the pot and claim my small bounty with the best hand. His positioning meant I didn't put him on A-3, and I still don't think he has the 3s.

The river comes another Ace. Well....shit. He bets around half of the pot, and I just call, pretty sure he has A-X. He does, revealing A Q. There is definitely part of this where I was unlucky, as he probably would have called a half-pot bet if he hit his ace on the turn. Then, if the ace came on the river I think I could get away from the hand, losing the same amount. It was absurdly greedy of me to give him another card. If he calls and hits a potential flush, I could cash in with my nut-full house at that point. Oh well, live and learn, and learn to know when to bet with the goods when they're still the best hand. Also, as this is pot-limit, I shorten my profit margin by not half-pot betting the turn, as I'd be getting more money in on the river, especially if he opens with his Aces and threes two pair.

All in all I learned a great detail from these games. I hope to make a final $300 deposit late June/early July to take advantage of my deposit bonus, assuming my rate of play in June lets me claim the bulk of my bonuses (it seems like it will, as I've been close to earning $10 every 2 days, and my rate of play plan for June should have me earning most of my bonus as is). I hit one of my milestones for May, which was to achieve Silver VIP Status. This will let me make the most of my FPP gain in June!

My goals are as follows for June, as I won't have much time to play until after WoW TCG Nationals next week:

-Earn Gold VIP Status
-Work my bankroll (via bonuses or whatever) to a level where I feel I can play 40-100bb .10/.25 NL/PL at 8-12 tables. I will be happy with 8 tables. 12 is a lofty goal if I feel I can manage it, and I don't intend to try it until the end of June.
-Reach $1.2k in my bankroll (not unfeasable through deposit and stellar bonuses), assuming I make my final deposit.
-Consistently have higher than a 2% ratio on BB/100.
-I would like to have a $400 profit via cash play by the end of June, an average of $100 a week. This is not unreasonable if I play 30 hours a week minimum, and I will be fairly disappointed if I can't achieve this one with the number of hours I intend to play.

Looking forward to next month!


Playing another .10/.25 PL session (5-tables) on Stars. Just hit my first stellar reward bonus of $10. :)

Just a little more and I'll achieve silver VIP for the month of June!

Worst Session Yet Yesterday

PokerStars Pot-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (8 handed) - Poker-Stars Hand Converter from

Hero (MP1) ($30.55)

MP2 ($25.65)

CO ($25)

Button ($30.40)

SB ($10.50)

BB ($26.95)

UTG ($22.40)

UTG+1 ($22.05)

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with J, Q

UTG calls $0.25, UTG+1 calls $0.25, Hero bets $1.25, 5 folds, UTG calls $1, UTG+1 calls $1

Flop: ($4.10) 9, 7, 10 (3 players)

UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, Hero bets $3.90, 1 fold, UTG+1 raises to $7.80, Hero calls $3.90

Turn: ($19.70) A (2 players)

UTG+1 bets $13 (All-In), Hero calls $13

River: ($45.70) 9 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $45.70 | Rake: $2.20

I think this was my most dissatisfied hand yesterday. My rationale is that, based on the lack of sufficient data but loose stats on villain, he appears to be a little more loose. I don't put him on Ace 10 as a result, in which I would never call, but rather a pocket pair or some ridiculous combination of low cards (as it shows, he had 10 9).

I think my bet was iffy at best on the flop. I typically bet the flop with the amount equaling the size of the pot if I have a good shot of winning, as I can push people out of hands or at least figure out where they stand. When he raised, I had originally put him on a set, and felt confident of my call.

But when he goes all-in on the turn, I should have given it up. Realistically I have 17-18 outs out of 45 (once he reveals), and am only getting a little more than 2.5 to 1 on my money. It's a gamble to bother, and I'm not playing to gamble: I'm playing to make smart calls/bets and to win with the better pot odds. Instead I call, and lead to this being one of my bigger losses for the day.

I currently stand at 222, starting the day at around 310. I'll try again later today and see where I go from there.