Friday, July 2, 2010


My first two hours were fine. They were going average; I was $5 up for each hour, and was at $360.

Then hour 3 kicked in and shit hit the fan in a big way.

I laid down pocket aces twice during this hour, and had I not done so I would have lost even more. Another pocket aces which called an all-in bet for $10 pre-flop was cracked by the dude's KQ, where he hit a set of kings. Another all-in bet with a set on the flop was cracked by a flush, A K top pair was cracked on the river by another player for $4 of my stack. EVERYTHING went wrong. Everything.

I am sitting at $329, and I'm pretty fucking furious. What was a winning session quickly turned into shit-creek. Right now I feel like I'm riding a damn see-saw; my bankroll keeps going up and down in small ways. And this past hour has put that nagging thought into the back of my head; why the hell am I subjecting myself to this?

EDIT: At this point I think I am going to take my bad beats into exercising or breathing techniques rather than this blog. It's really tempting to get everything off of my chest when I come here but it doesn't make for very interesting reads.

Nobody likes a bad beat story after all. I wouldn't want to hear them and I sure as hell shouldn't be subjecting friends to it either. 

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