Saturday, July 3, 2010


Poker stress is starting to really kick in. Since the start of July play, I've been running particularly horribly. I think in the past 24 hours I've lost to 4 really god-awful runner runners, including J 5 suited last night (losing 4 dollars to a 50+% VPIP player due to him catching J and 5 on the turn and river), and then an all-in call with pocket kings on a blank flop to Q 9, who caught both of his cards on the turn and river.

Also lost to a couple of coolers, including three instances of having the not as good full/house set, and a case of having a set, but with it making the opponent's 6 7 offsuit gut-shot straight.

In other words, it's been an awful and awkward couple of days, and has really discouraged me. My bankroll has taken quite a hit, and I only hope that when I return to the tables that this shitstorm passes over me. Last night I was able to keep myself calm enough by saying 'I went from 175 to 350 in a week. I can do this if I just stick thorugh the terrible parts'. Today, that no longer comforts me, and I just want to have a god-damn winning session again. Maybe tomrorow that will happen. :/

VPP: 597

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