Friday, July 2, 2010

positive reinforcement

I made 2 large calls I was fairly unhappy with today, and about 2-3 questionable ones, causing me to lose an unnecessary 6-9 dollars overall I felt.

Thankfully my run of luck reversed and I managed some cards against the fish before they logged off for the night. After they were done, I managed some classic Brunson poker and did some semi-bluffing and blind-stealing against the remaining regs and nits.

Overall, an awkward day. I basically made little to no progress until I unlocked another $10 out of my deposit bonus. I am strongly considering re-depositing a final 300 to take advantage of the bonus I have left, as I'll be through with this current $200 bonus in about a week. The new $300 bonus would keep me occupied for about 2-3 weeks, and then I could withdraw my money again (or just piggyback to another level, although I am definitely staying at 10NL for at least July; the VPP gain is insane right now).

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings. As long as I don't deviate from bot-play against the majority of the players, I should keep going up or remain close to even. That's the biggest challenge, but one I can manage as long as I have a little positive reinforcement from the cards.


Hands played: About 5000
Bankroll: $361
VPP earned this month: 297

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