Thursday, July 1, 2010

*vomits on July*

Hi July.

Fuck you too.

Not an impressive start to this month. I am only around 180-200 VPP into this month, a good 100 short of what I'm hoping to achieve each day in order to obtain my goal of Platinum star VIP.

The cards have continued running horribly for me today. A number of times where players with high VPIPs happened to have coolers. I don't think I can honestly fault my stacked calls today; when there are only so many hands that beat your set, and you know they aren't on a flush draw, you just have to get your money in there and hope they don't have big slick. Unfortunately, a 40% VPIP player happened to have that when I was first stacked today. Aces were fairly ungenerous today, and I went through a portion of time where 50 hands were folded before I found something I could call a raise with (I folded it post-flop to three over-cards. Nice nines).

Stealing was minimum today. Lots of raising, lots of loose bets and calls. These are great players to win money from, but when your card quality is low, you aren't exactly going to be stealing any money from them. There's no point in bluffing these players, and it seems the micros have become infested with these loose dudes due to Micromania. It's a good sign for the month, but frustrating for my first day.

I also do not excuse myself in any way for some of my losses today. Generally, I get more aggressive against the regs or tighter VPIP players, and lower my range of what I call with against the looser players when I start getting sucked out/runner runner'd/etc. It's a bad habit. One I'll need to work on. I'm sure with some practice I'll be able to keep my resolve and play accordingly.

Also, it would be really nice to have an average day. Not a good day, like Tuesday night. Just an average day would suffice. These losing sessions aren't exactly morale friendly.

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