Wednesday, June 30, 2010

other side of the coin

Bad night overall and a bad start to the July grind. 120 VPP, quitting mainly out of annoyance. After my deposit bonus unlocking, I was $1 down from last night at $346. $11 down in terms of poker play, I think $5 of that I could have controlled by not calling hit flushes on the river while on tilt because of sets getting cracked, but sometimes you just tilt.

Overall, it was a horrible run of cards for me tonight against players I can't make that up again (fish that call anything, including steals). Had to alter my strategy to almost no stealing as each table had a number of fish there, the number of available tables were low, and the number of tables I was at where a fish was to my left was high. Tried 18 tabling tonight, and while I don't believe it's a big deal, I'll have to wait until my laptop is set up for poker before I go to that number again. My desktop lags too much and I ended up having some hands auto-folded on the faster tables.

I'm hoping tomorrow (later today?) goes a lot better. 

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