Saturday, June 12, 2010

cool dude

Not a happy camper. Lost two hands into today's 30k VIP event, going all in with two previous bets (a raise and a call) in late-position before me with AK, the QQ called and I did not win my coin flip. That wasn't too bad, but losing 35 dollars to a player notorious for throwing away money because he was running hot was not doing good. It tilted me enough to close everything for 10 minutes.

I logged back in, was still running like the opposite of a champ. I played a little too long on tilt today, calling an obvious "I have a set" bet from one of the baddies at our table to get stacked for 15 dollars, after stacking someone with a set of queens on another table. I think if I didn't do that, I'd be closer to not having a loss today. As it stood, I finished the day at $304, which is pretty freaking horrible given that this includes $10 from the deposit bonus, meaning I'm actually $294 for the day in terms of cash earnings (ie. around 40 down), and now I'm down to $224 when you don't include normal bonuses.

I'm pretty furious at the moment, and really don't want to look at those hands. I need to get away from the PC for a little. ;/

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