Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hint taken

I returned to the tables this time for another 2 hours, but at .05/.1 instead of .1/.25. I realistically can't afford the higher level until I am closer to $900, while I can afford 12-tabling the lower level. As it stood, I played with less scared money, and felt that I put in some solid poker that session. I finished at $332, so I can't complain as today was turned from a larger loss to an insignificant one.

12-tabling also felt fairly natural, and I may considering adding additional tables each day to see how I handle it. Tracker software feels unnecessary at the level as well, so it may be a great place to grind up my bankroll. I intend to customize and get used to either PT3 or Hold'em Manager before I move back up to .1/.25, and I'd like to have those freerolled by my roll and running successfully before I make the transition to the higher level.

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