Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Was running well for a while there, but today is stopped. I bought my free $6 from the Micromania promotion, bringing me to 322. I ended the day at 297. I am not sure if I should have stopped playing though, as some of the fish at my tables would play literally anything, and I feel I could probably get paid off if I just wait out the bad 2 hours I've had. However, I value returning when I'm thinking more clearly rather than playing while on tilt.

Overall, today I think was a result of 2 problems:

-Bad cards (hit 2 sets today, with already good hands in pocket aces. I blanked on every other small pocket pair. A K rarely ever hit, while the range I can put these players on means I'm often beaten.)
-Bad ability to adjust my play-style (I typically adopt a hybrid of the Brunson Super System aggression and TAG at this level, as most of the time I am playing against regs with 1 and maybe 2 fish at the table. Today, multiple loose players were at my tables, so it was time to stop stealing so many blinds, stop semi-bluffing, and just play when I hit top pair and up. I think part of my inability to adopt came from running badly on cards, but I need to have better self-control in order to wait out those bad spots).

In terms of earning VPPs today, I only got around 40 or so. Not too good, considering how I wanted 200-300 a day. I may return later, but I doubt it. I'll be busy with other work tomorrow as well, and will most likely resume my more lengthy play on July 1st for the new month.

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