Tuesday, June 15, 2010

meh part 2

Grinded my way back up to 281 yesterday, despite some sick awful spots. I ended up on tilt at around 2 PM and logged off to see Get Him To The Greek, but I came back refreshed that night and went from 260 to 281.

Today, I'm at 277 after a short 2 hour session. ;/

I made a few mis-clicks with Tableninja that costed me decent hands so I'm unsure how that impacted the session. I also believe I should have shoved on two of my hands but I wasn't paying close enough attention, and it probably costed me close to $10 in total. I ate some rough beats too, where it was my KK versus their AA on a blank flop. I can't do anything about those, and honestly don't feel I can ever fold them at this level, and if that player is 3-betting with AK, then I'm probably crushing him.

PTR has me at over 7000 hands now for 5/10 cent, and I'd imagine that I will be well over 10k by the end of the week. It's going to take some time, but I intend to be committed to staying at these levels, and staying away from the MTT Sit and Gos (those things are like crack; gives me a jolt of refreshed energy to play, is bad for me in the long-run, and they drain my bankroll).

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