Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've been working on controlling my tilt more through tea and breathing exercises. It helps.

A little bit, anyway.

Finished at 271 today. Another losing day. Awesome. Fucking awesome. I know I have to learn, but I am still not quite used to shaking off about half a dozen runner runners, a dozen 3-outers on the river, etc. The number of times my kings had to be laid down or how many times they were cracked because of awkward cards against hands I don't honestly expect people to play if I 3-bet raises, etc, is aggravating.

The worst part about these horrible sessions is that, I'm not sure how much of it is me not capitalizing on pots, and how much of it is bad luck. This is only 5 cent/10 cent. The players can't be that tight to where I see a consistent loss. I may need to seek coaching if this keeps up.

The one thing this 12-table grind is doing to me? It's making me really miss the 10 cent/25 cent players. At least the majority of them are readable via bets and history data.

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