Thursday, June 24, 2010

another day, another lesson

Finished the day at 286. I would have finished at 300, but I let tilt get the best of me and ended up calling a 3-bet or two after having nearly 10 hands 3-betted in 10 minutes. I don't put players on having software and just reading that my system forces me to fold to most 3-bets, but I told myself otherwise when I had queens and a tight player did so. Obviously I was dominated by aces, so it serves me right. Wasted a couple of bucks of chips in this small duration of time.

I will most likely not be playing again until Monday on account of EDC (my first big rave! Should be fun!). However, when I return, I not only intend to play more online, but I also intend to head out to Pachenga more too for some real life poker experiences.

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