Sunday, June 20, 2010

ok then

Hold'Em Manager has been a boost to my confidence. So was the self-talk "stop being a whiny bitch and accept that bad beats happen Mike".

Worked up until today. Over Friday and Saturday I managed to drive my bankroll down to 215, originally at 200 but recovered from a session later that night.

Today, it's at 174, and I've destroyed a few of my poker chips by throwing them off of our patio into some rocks (seemed like a fitting way to get the rage out of me). Started out standard, with one fish who was 85% VPIP started going all-in pre-flop. I hit an A-trash hand, and feel it's the best hand. I call, and was correct, as he reveals Jack 6 offsuit.

Obviously he hits a jack and I get stacked. Okay then. No big deal. Another hand comes and he does it again, but I call with jacks. He reveals...K Q offsuit. Oh well. I'm still ahead. Naturally he hit two pair on the flop, and I tell myself, "this guy's horrible Mike. It's fine. You'll get your money back."

Again he does it 30 minutes later, and has...kings. Sick dude.

I finally manage to crack him with Aces, doubling up, but before I can get the rest of my money back, he leaves. How annoying.

I proceeded to get stacked by someone hitting a river full-house that beat my own river-made full-house. Was rather annoyed. Stacked total = 4, in case you lost count.

The tipping point was after hour 2 of the session, where I raised 3x the BB with K K, get one caller, and get one player to go all in for 2. His stats were horrible (60% VPIP, nothing else favors him), so I assume I have the best hand. I call, but so does the other dude. The flop comes Q J blank, and I should have check/folded here. Instead, I just shove for the last 5 I have, and the guy calls, revealing...a set of jacks.

I flipped out at this point, seeing two more A Q hands get 3-bet by players with low VPIPs, and just close all of my tables. I was done for the day. To say I was fuming at this point would have been an understatement.

Overall I was really frustrated with how this day went, how I've been running, etc. I've gotten myself in the habit of folding kings to an Ace if the guy has low enough stats/positioning to justify, and have even gone so far as to lay them down after putting a tight player on having a set based on how he bet pre flop and post flop. I'm willing to grind out an 8-10 hour day tomorrow or Tuesday, but damn, if this keeps up...:/

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