Monday, June 28, 2010

party time

EDC was awesome, but now it's time to get back into the daily routine. Which means...more poker!

Finished at 317 today, bringing my back over the deposit line. 10 of that was deposit bonus, meaning that my overal gain via poker winnings was the average 7.50 an hour I expect at this level. Not bad. It was an overall average day, with its ups and downs.

The most interesting hand was when I had 2 callers in early position when I 3-bet with K K. The flop came blank, and I lead out again (I believe I was in the blinds) for half of the pot. I get raised by a maniac (40+ percent VPIP), and the other dude calls. I'm getting worried, but I make the call. If they have a set or A A, whatever.

The turn came another blank, and the guy who was calling goes all in. I call, as the pot at this point is at over 20 dollars. I know I have the raising donk beaten (he reveals 9 10 suited for a gut-shot straight draw. Nice cards bud), and the guy who went all in on the turn shows...A Q! He had top pair and was willing to bet it all on that. The river was a blank and I end up scooping a nice pot into my stack, putting me at $31 on that table.

It was a weird hand overall, as it was only 5 more to call the turn raiser, and I'd always whirlwind-call the dude with the high VPIP, as they're maniacs and you can't help it if they finally get good cards, as most time they are betting with horrible hands.

I'm going to be close to 1300 VPP by the end of this month, and I intend to start July 1st fresh. I'll be gunning for 200 VPP a day when I committ to playing, and would like to play at least 80% of the days for July.

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