Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm on full-blown tilt. No justice.

Did not win one lousy showdown in cash today, losing to coolers and suck-outs left and right. Often would not hit on the flop. Down to $268 and that's after $10 deposit bonus, meaning that my profits are in the shitter right now.

SNGs - Still can't money in one. Got crushed by a 5-outer to all but put me on life support in one, and despite a lucky catch with A 7 before the blinds forced me all-in, I ended up getting crushed each time.

Cut the session short today as a result. I can't think straight, and Ifeel like chasing hands, and punching my monitor. Clearly, this is not the time i should be playing. Nothing is calming me down. Nothing. Maybe a drive will help.

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