Monday, June 21, 2010

okay then

Finally finished up for a day. Started at 174, and finished at 222. 10 of that was deposit bonus. Around 5 hours played, so about on par with 12-tables .05/.1. I ran particularly well for one hour during my evening session, which helped a ton.

I think this is starting to make more sense. I have been re-reading chapters in Super System 2 and have been more disciplined with some of my hands, going so far as to lay down pocket queens against a tight player who re-raised on the flop (I put him on a pocket pair or aces based on positioning, and his stats definitely had me believe he was playing ABC poker).

I'll be going to Pachenga tomorrow to play in a live-tournament, courtesy of a friend who's making it a freeroll for me. It should be a fun and useful experience, as I need to get more live-games under my belt anyway. I hope to get another 12 hours of poker in before Friday, as I'll be gone for the rest of the weekend. I will definitely be short on my goals this month, but I feel that discipline, patience, and focus will allow me to possibly reach them next month (in particular the goldstar VIP goal; I will have only earned 1000 VPP this month by Friday, so that's a goal I have to work on more. It will keep me focused to maintaining a certain number of hours each day).

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