Tuesday, July 27, 2010

aaaaaaaand that's it

I made the decision to cash out last Friday, once I hit goldstar. Yesterday I made my final grind to Goldstar VIP, which would grant me access to this and next month's 250k freerolls. And with it came my worst session yet. Thanks to a slight break where I managed to win 3 all-ins against some loose players in a span of 10 minutes, I managed to salvage the day without as big of a loss as I expected.

As it stands, I'm sure that I am misplaying horrible at 24 tables, but I do not have the time nor the finances to support this. I withdraw from Stars today at a loss of 100 from the 450 I deposited. My last games on Stars will be 2 Turbo Takedowns and 2 250k VIP freerolls. If I win any cash in those, sweet. It's free money I can play with. If not, oh well. For what it's worth I feel I learned a lot through my experiences these past 2 months when I seriously began my grind, and I feel my tournament play has SIGNIFICANTLY improved due to my cash experiences. That being said, I still failed to achieve most of my goals and I'm disappointed.

On the other hand, I think quitting was necessary. It was starting to affect my physical and menthal health, with no financial safety net currently supporting my poker experience. Hopefully, should I ever resume this again, I will be better off, and that will help alleviate most of the poker stress.

I'll continue to update with assorted trading card game updates (such as magic and the wow tcg, I love ramp spells in Magic right now!), but for the most part I will be done with poker. I'll be sure to update this weekend on my VIP tournament results though. :)

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