Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's a see-saw

Played a little last night and finished up at 333 with a deposit bonus extra $10. Today, I played see-saw with my bankroll in 5 dollar intervals, but ultimately finished down at 321. This is what happens when you're 2 for 8 on the sets that you hit I guess.

So yeah. The bad first week is bleeding into week 2. Sweet. Just what I needed.

I'm pretty mellow about today. I felt that i minimized all but $2 of my losses to the best of my abilities (made two dumb cheap extraction calls when they obviously hit - one hand where I managed a set of kings with K J I checked like a donk and should have bet. On the river a jack came, giving the possibility of A Q beating me with a straight. I bet, he raised a dollar, I reluctantly called and shipped the extra buck his way). Nothing I could have otherwise done. When the sets you hit are flopped alongside 3 suited cards, and when you call a steal-bet from loose players on the flop only to have the fourth suit appear, you know it's going to be a bad day.

I should be at around 1300+ VPP at this time, which means I am not set to hit platinum star this month if I keep up this rate of play. That's fine, I guess. I'd rather not destroy myself trying to get .5 FPP more per VPP earned. ;/

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