Friday, July 9, 2010


Had a bit of a falling out (er down) last night, to 308. I'm taking the day off. Maybe a break will set me straight, as I'm sure that I am not playing optimally.

On the bright side, I definitely lost some respect with my LAG play from the regs. Maybe they'll be more apt to call me down when I have the nuts now. :)

(back to TAG Mike - I know you're frustrated about how bad you've been running, but one playstyle is profitable at this level and one style isn't. Take a guess at which one isn't. IE: Stop tilting, stop playing bad because you're running bad, and get back on the ball. 10nl is fun and all but you know that you'd prefer 1-tabling some shotgun/mouth if you have to play .05/.1 nl for more than a few months. Get on the ball!)

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