Monday, July 19, 2010


Grinding to Goldstar VIP. 690 VPP left. 24-tabling 10nl. Today was soul crushing which seems to be the usual fare. Started off well, hit 30 up at my high point, never managed to do better.

Got sucked out an absurd number of times today, three times I faced down the classic kings versus aces dilemma. Lots of 3-bets everywhere, one I called out of tilt (I'm not perfect obv). Then I dropped 20, losing with top pair against a maniac because a third caller hit a straight. Then another maniac was shoving pre-flop, got one caller, and I called with AK suited. He had KJ suited, I hit top pair, the other dude had shit, and he catches a goddamn jack, taking away the remaining profits I had for the day.

I seriously wonder why I am trying to play this game.

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