Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been flaky on my play. I ended up taking a long (ie. more than 2 day) break from poker. My account ended up hitting 251 not because of 10nl play, but because I tilted early on having my aces cracked by 8s going all-in pre-flop, and blowing 66 bucks at 50NL. Not a wise move. At all.

Lately I've been saying To Hell with 10NL, as those limits truly do make me miserable, and playing 25NL. I need to get back to the lower limits though, not because I can't afford it, but because of Micromania. I'd normally earn more VPP playing nl25 even at 6-tables, but not this month.

I made my final deposit of 150, bringing my bankroll to 401. It's not good, but I didn't want to commit double that. As it stands, if I clear my entire bonus, plus any cash rewards I'd earn from FPP, and my bankroll is not more than what it started at plus all deposit bonuses, cash rewards, and stellar rewards bonuses, I will cash out. I may return at a later point, or just play with my cash reward or my FPP, but I do not intend to stick around if I feel I can't be profitable right now. I'd rather find things that are less stressful to do, or play in real life (where the players are vastly worse I feel).

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